Silverfärgade boots Blankens

9 februari, 2019

kr 750,00

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Jag tror jag citerar Blankens rakt av vad gäller The La Brea:

We’ve been doing some serious thinking. Really scratching our heads and pushing our brains to come up with a solution for: The Perfect Hybrid Bootie.

Something as comfortably snug as a sock, and as soft as a baby’s butt, but as hard as a rock when it comes to attitude. 

You could call the result a bootie-pump. Or a pump-ie? A low-ish heel on a neat boot that makes for a piece of footwear that not only magically elevates your mood, but also your every single outfit. With a short dress? Cool. With jeans? Very cool. Shorts? Yes. Please! With an ankle length skirt: nothing short of amazing.

Storlek 40, sparsamt använda och nästan bara inomhus. Dom ÄR verkligen mjuka som en bebisrumpa och omöjliga att få skav av. Märkligt att jag säljer dom egentligen…

Så här ser dom ut på mig!